Our Story

Meet Mary and Larry, the venue owners and visionaries behind Cedar Gardens Event Center!

Mary comes from a large family of 12 kids to be exact and has been planning parties, weddings, and events all her life. Wanting to be able to spread the joy of unforgettable events with everyone Cedar Gardens was created. Mary and Larry Threadgill have spent two years creating this striking wedding and event venue. At her core, Mary has always been in the events business to be able to give people the experiences of their dreams to match their milestones in life. What could be more romantic than an outdoor/indoor wedding under a huge, Texas sky with sunshine by day and stars by night? The rural countryside is an idyllic backdrop for any special day. Mary and Larry, wanted a place that was beautiful but also affordable for larger gatherings, making it doubly attractive.

Mary and Larry have designed every inch of the property, a favorite area for them is the Butterfly Garden that was created to honor the memory of Larry’s beloved Aunt Zoe. Aunt Zoe was a Master Gardener with a love for butterflies. Some of her Master Gardener friends designed and installed the special garden to honor their late friend. Flanking the path to the event center is a pollinating garden with native and adaptable plants like Eve’s Necklace that attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Aunt Zoe’s friends chose to plant perennials that can come back every year and complete the cycle of life.

Much like the beginning of a new marriage, Mary and Larry would love to have all their guests back for years to come celebrating all of life’s milestones.